A Bird’s Eye Review of Hostel Polako: Grumpy bird’s inside hostels in Trebinje, Episode 1

Dobar dan ! The hostel in Trebinje called Hostel Polako is my home for last few months, but I’m living in Trebinje for a longer time. My first accomodation was second hand shop down the street. I would like to compare those two places. Its my debut as a critic but in the future i’m planning to write some guide book ( watch out lonely planet and michelin ). Let’s start the review – Hajde !

1) Location : Hostel – 5 ( perfect, right in the center )  Second hand shop (3,5 around 6 min to the center, or 3 minutes if you have wings like me ).

Backpackers love me…I think

2) Sleep quality : Hostel – 5 ( couch is very comfortable, but few times I sneaked to the dorm and private rooms and it was very good too ) SHS – 2 ( I was sleeping on the shelf ).

3) Privacy : Hostel – 5 (its a hostel, sometimes there is a lot of people, but i always can find some space where i’m alone with my thoughts. plus the people are always friendly backpackers ) SHS – 1 ( everyone wants to pick you up, check if you are in good shape, and decide you’re not good enough to buy. you can’t hide ! )

The second hand shop, my old home

4) Cleanliness : Hostel – 5 (sometimes its annoying when they are using vacuum cleaner everyday when i’m taking a nap on the couch, but its very clean ) SHS – 3 ( eventually I got very dusty :( )

Very sneaky

5) Food : Hostel – 5 (big fresh breakfast every day, sometimes i’m eating guests food when they are not looking, sometimes Bartek cooks pizza or muffins for the guests at snacktime, once i took few and no one saw it, hehehe) SHS – 1 (they don’t have reatsurant or kitchen)

Getting the party started

6) Fun : Hostel 5 (everyday interesting people, i can chat with them drink some rakija, play games ) SHS – 1 (not really a fun place, they are treating you as a product for sale).

Overall : Hostel – 5 (excellent) Second Hand Shop – 1.9 (Terrible).

My opinion : if you are a tourist or backpacker in Trebinje or Dubrovnik, stay in Hostel Polako. I would rather avoid sleeping in Second Hand Shop.

Thank you for reading.

Your Grumpy Bird