Daytrips to Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik needs no introduction–it’s now more famous than ever thanks to films and series such as Game of ThronesJames Bond, Star Wars, and Robin Hood…not to mention its timeless beauty. However, Dubrovnik’s popularity means that prices there are sky-high (dorm beds go for up to 60 euro in peak season), and at certain times of day the crowds can stifle your enjoyment of the views. One way to get the most out of your Dubrovnik experience is to take a daytrip to Dubrovnik from Trebinje, which is only 25 kilometers away. You’ll save money on food and accommodation and ensure that you have a comfortable place to come home to after sightseeing.

Dubrovnik Daytrip Transport

There are a couple of transportation options for Dubrovnik daytrips. Keep in mind that the round-trip Dubrovnik bus only gives you about 2 hours to see the city (arrives in DB @ 11am, leaves DB around 1:30pm) and does not run on Sundays. Here are some alternatives for a longer daytrip.

  • Our driver: We have a driver who does a round-trip route to Dubrovnik most days. Arrival and departure times depend on driver’s availability. Cost: 20 KM/10€ round-trip per person
  • Taxi: Split a taxi with friends. Total price will depend on group size and wait time. Cost: About 80 KM/40€ round-trip
  • Bus/Taxi combo: Go one way by taxi and the other by bus. Bus leaves Trebinje @10am and Dubrovnik around 1:30pm (NO SUNDAYS!), 5€ each way. Taxi one-way is 40 BAM/20€ when booked in Trebinje.
  • Travel Agency: During the high season, FRIEND travel agency offers transport Wed, Sat, & Sun for 20 KM/10€ round-trip. Stop by their office in Trebinje’s Old Town (next to Pizza Mexico) for tickets.
  • Carpooling: Check for carpooling possibilities.
  • Hitchhiking: Why not? It’s only 25 km away! For the road to Dubrovnik, follow the signs from the bus station.

Tips for backpackers visiting Dubrovnik:

  1. Don’t forget your passport! Though Dubrovnik is very close to Trebinje, you will be crossing an international border.
  2. Wear plenty of sunscreen and bring some with you, too. It can be hard to find shade in Dubrovnik on hot summer days, and more often than not our guests return looking like lobsters.
  3. Bring some snacks or a picnic lunch. Prices for food are quite expensive in Dubrovnik, so packing a sandwich or some burek means you can save your cash for other experiences.
  4. Take a student ID if you have one. Entry to walk the walls in Dubrovnik, one of the city’s most popular activities, costs up to 20 EUR–but there are steep discounts for students.

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