Why a hostel in Trebinje?


A lot of people ask us why we decided to open a hostel in Trebinje. There are a lot of answers to that question. I mean, where do we even begin? Trebinje is a place unlike any other. We feel that people need–and want!–to see it. Well, not see it, but experience it. This is a city you go to not to see with your eyes, but to feel, to relax, to enjoy.

That’s where the name Polako comes in. Polako in the local language means anything from “sloooowly” to “chill out,” “calm down,” “no rush”… Come and you’ll hear it on the streets everywhere. Locals telling the shopkeepers Polaaako–Take your time, I’m in no hurry. Moms shouting to their rambunctious kids Polaaako! Slow down! And friends consoling each other with Polako–Don’t worry, everything will work itself out.


But until now, there weren’t many hostels in Trebinje, despite the fact that the city is only 25 kilometers from Dubrovnik, which is both incredibly famous, touristed, and and…expensive. It’s on many travelers’ bucket lists, but oftentimes it doesn’t get crossed off. Why? It’s just not in a backpacker’s budget to stay there in high season! Dorm beds go for up to 40 euros per night. Those are Paris prices! Food and (every backpacker’s must) beer is equally expensive. But with Trebinje a quick drive or bus ride away, you don’t have to break your budget to visit Dubrovnik.

And unlike Dubrovnik, Trebinje is on very few bucket lists. Maybe that’s what makes being here such a blissful experience. Everything here is for people. For enjoyment. Just life. Life in the cityDSCN1390 of sun and wine.

Anyway, my point with all of this was that we are extremely happy we opened a hostel in Trebinje. Mainly because we like living here. But also because of the people who have walked through our front door. We’re lucky to have had such brave and adventurous souls step off the beaten path and into our abode 😉

I’m kidding. Trebinje is on the path. It’s not exactly the wild west. But it’s just hidden enough to give you a little shade, a little peace, and the feeling that you’ve stumbled upon something magical.

Is that a bit too much? Nahhhh… Once you see it, we have no doubt that you’ll agree.