Grumpy bird’s inside hostels in Trebinje, Episode 0

Hello to everybDSCN2517ody ! I would like to introduce myself – I’m the grumpy bird, the first and longest staying guest at Hostel Polako, the best hostel in Trebinje (at least according to travelers on TripAdvisor!). A lot of people (and fellow mascots) ask me: “hey man, why are you grumpy all the time?” Grumpiness is my way of life – I’m grumpy because no one knows what kind of bird I am, one of my eyes is broken, my mouth is not closing, and I didn’t get any discount in Hostel Polako yet !!! I decided to start this blog because I’m a very good observer, and I would like to share my morning coffee&rakija reflectionDSCN2514s about people of Trebinje and the city itself with the world.

I hope that you will enjoy it, and I will become famous blogger and i will make lots of cash.

Your Grumpy Bird