Transport to Trebinje: Grumpy bird’s inside hostels in Trebinje, Episode 2

Ciao ! Today I would like to talk about transport to Trebinje. I came here because I was kidnapped – I was drinking vodka with sailors in a bar in Odessa, and next thing i remember was waking up in the second hand shop #shithappens (you can see my review of my former home in my last post).

My way was quite extreme, but there are easier ways to get to Trebinje:


1) Travel to Trebinje by bus. Trebinje has bus connections with most of the major cities in the Balkans, including Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Kotor, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Mostar. And one of the buses from Mostar (the one that leaves from there at 3pm everyday) is by far my favorite as for a blogger. All the backpackers who are taking this bus has something to say, some of the quotes : “interesting”, “top 5 worse bus rides in my life”, “sauna”, “an experience”,  “slightly traumatized”, “he stopped at the butchers, picked up some meat and left it in the other city”, “i’m going out in 30 minutes, driver invited me for a dinner and rakija” and my no.1 of all “there were 2 goats in trash bags on my bus” (special thanks to Renee :) )

View from the bus to Trebinje – not bad!

There is some suprises on the way, but I dont want to reveal the whole mistery. If you don’t like misteries, you can take another bus from Mostar to Trebinje. For example, the 5:30pm bus from Mostar to Trebinje is run by Globtour, a very respectable company. You may not have an “experience” with them, but you might have air conditioning!

2)  Travel to Trebinje by plane – the closest airport to Trebinje is in Dubrovnik, but you also can find cheap flights to Podgorica. It is easy to get to hostels in Trebinje from the airport in Dubrovnik–a taxi is only about 25 euro and will take you less than 30 minutes!


3) Travel to Trebinje by car – Trebinje is situated very close to the Adriatic coast (Dubrovnik, Herceg Novi), around 3 hours drive from Zabljak (Durmitor national park in Montenegro), and 2.5 hours away from Mostar. So if you travel by car, you have many options for daytrips from Trebinje.

4) Travel to Trebinje by bicycle or motorcycle – We’ve had many guests do this option. For example, there is Crazy Paul from france ( and Grupa Krupa (not to be confused with Grupa Kupa). Hostel Polako has lots of parking for bikes and motorbikes. However, I have to say that biking to Trebinje is just not an option for me. You can see why below.

Stupid Dragan is always ruining my shots

That’s all for today, leave some comments on facebook, or I will become even more grumpy !

-Your Grumpy Bird


PS – I forgot to mention hitchhiking to and from Trebinje. Many of our guests like to do this. However, I have problems when hitchhiking. Not many drivers like to pick up a strange bird, you see. Plus I don’t have any thumbs.