A Bird’s eye on hostels in Trebinje Episode 4: Grumpy Bird and Hostel Polako are back !

Welcome back guys !

First of all I would like to say big “Thank you” to all my fans all over the world. I really appreciate all those e-mails you were sending to me, asking what what I’m doing, where am I etc. I was very busy those days, I got job in “The bird’s times”  – I have my column there plus I am working on my biography (I will let you know when it will be available).   Good information for active people too – I am trying to establish new you tube yoga channel . I was searching for yoga for wings on the internet and there is nothing -discriminaton ! I decided to take care of that – stay tuned ! However I promise that I will write my blog posts more regular.

Waiting for Lauren and Bartek to come back…

More news – Bartek and Lauren are back in Trebinje ! Those two traitors left me at the hostel alone, one day in the beginning of november they said “hey GB (stands for Grumpy Bird) we are going to buy you some bird seads” and they came back after 2 months ! So I stayed in warm Trebinje – taking care of the house (I organized a lot of parties-in your face B&L!), and they stayed for a while in Poland and traveled around caucasus region – but seriously who gives a s@#! about them ! Ok, maybe i missed them a little bit – its nice when I can hang out with Lauren and eat some of Bartek’s delicious pancakes (he has some new recipes ! ) So they just asked me to tell you that the hostel will open again soon.

…That means that the tourists will be here soon ! WOW can’t wait to meet some new friends ! (maybe some potential “GB’s yoga for birds yt channel” subscribers ?) SO EXCITED NOW !

Your Grumpy Bird