Things to do in Trebinje

Break out of the traditional sightseeing monotony and get to know real life in our little Shangri-La.


Walk With Me

It’s time to get wild! Sinda Kunic, the founder of Walk With Me, will take you into the mountains surrounding Trebinje for the ultimate hiking adventure. Check out his Facebook Page to see his latest wild finds.



Catch a flick at the newly renovated Trebinje cinema. With nightly showings at only 4 KM per ticket and new movies every week, it’s easy to get your entertainment fix here! Live action films are in English, while cartoons are generally shown in local language.



Don’t let a rainy day keep you down! Gather up some hostel friends and start a game of bowling or air hockey at Bingo…and a grab a few beers while you’re at it.



Trebinje is surrounded by 7 peaks, including 5 Austro-Hungarian fortresses plus caves, towers, and other ruins–not to mention some spectacular views. Many of these paths are included on the Via Dinarica Blue Trail.


Hercegovačka Gračanica

The monastery on the hill is one of the first things you’ll notice upon arrival in Trebinje. A brisk 30-minute walk will get you to the top. Reward yourself with an amazing panorama of Trebinje and a selfie with the monastery’s famous donkey.


Market Square

Trebinje’s market square draws tourists and locals from near and far for fresh produce, cheese, and kajmak, Herzegovinian honey and herbs, and homemade rakija and wine. While it’s at its biggest and most various on Saturdays, it’s open daily 8-1pm. And it’s only steps away from our front door.


Vukoje Wine Gallery

With arguably the best view in town, Vukoje’s rooftop terrace is the place to be at sunset. You won’t break the budget with this local wine, so go ahead and order a second round.



Trebinje’s annual Bike Week draws around 2,000 bikers, huge rock concerts, and lots of noise! If you’re scheduling a Balkan visit in June, be sure not to miss out on the festivities.


Live Music

Live music thrives in Trebinje year-round and is usually free. A staff favorite is Underground Rock Bar for winter rock shows in the basement and summer acoustic sessions on the patio.



At sundown, the day has only started for the young crowd. Get ready to party Balkan style–that means a little bit of rakija, a lot of volume, and all the way ’til sunup. Start off at riverside clubs Riva and Galerija, then see where the night takes you. Just make sure you’re back in time for breakfast!


River Beach

Do as the locals do and cool off at Trebinje’s local river beach. Only a few minutes’ walk from the hostel, the beach is the perfect place to relax on a hot summer’s day. Take a book or hang out at the beach-side bar for a very polaako afternoon.


Nomad Safari

Need some more adrenaline? Take a quad on an action-packed, but picturesque, Nomad Safari through Herzegovina.



See the old town and bridge from a new vantage point–rent a canoe for the afternoon and take the Trebišnjica river at your own pace. Don’t forget to wave as you pass the hostel!



Mount Leotar offers spectacular views of Trebinje; it’s also the perfect starting point for paragliding over the town. Join an experienced instructor from Adventure Trebinje for the ride of a lifetime.


Family-Run Wineries

Tour a family-run winery and sample the goods for a fraction of the cost you’d expect. Prices depend on winery and group size, but run roughly 5-10 EUR per person and include plenty of wine (and food!!) to make this into a repeat experience. Advanced reservation is usually required.